Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kinzart Birthday Hunt

Kinzart Birthday Hunt (ends July 31, 2014):
Look for 6 tiny essence shards hidden around the Kinzart main store and neighboring sandbox.
The hunt prizes are six Will-O-Drake complete avatars (male and female).

Click on the sample essence shards (see image above) to get a hunt hints notecard.

Location: Kinzart Main Store

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Inaka Sim Closing

Inaka sim will be closing on May 31st, 2014:

Mesh Dress: Amitomo - spring cardigan onepiece #1
Hair: Elikatira - Sound - Brown 08 (Not Available)
Shoes: Edelweiss - School Loafer
Luggage: Duboo - TartanTrunk (w/stickers)/one hand pose (Closed)

Photo Location: Inaka Sim (Subway Train Section)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014: RFL Yato

Fantasy Faire (Ends May 11, 2014):
Mesh Dress w/ Hat & Rabbit Ears:
Bare Rose @ Fantasy Faire - RFL Yato - 190L
 Hair: Love Soul - Hair*135*Mocha
Pose: SLC - Cymric AO 
(Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Ends June 3, 2014) 
Back: Atomic - Gacha - Wish Master - Bottle (Gold)
Wand: Atomic - Gacha - Wish Master - Wand (Gold)

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014: Flying Bicycle & Prosthetic Arms

Fantasy Faire (Ends May 11, 2014):
Flying Bicycle:

Prosthetic Arms:
(Ebony Color Only Available during the Fantasy Faire)

Outfit w/ Hat: Slyan - Steampunk Outfit (Not Available)

Hair: Elikatira - Over - Rich Browns (Mesh) (Not Available)

Friday, January 31, 2014

The Shepherdess

(Available at Fantasy Gacha Carnival: Feb 1st - 28th)
Horns: Enfant Terrible - Midsommer Dream horns 1
Bracelet: Enfant Terrible - Midsommer Dream Apple Bracelet Mixed
Flower Garland: Enfant Terrible - Midsommer Dream Flowerband Colors (RARE)

(Non-Fantasy Gacha Carnival Items)
Hair: D!va - Kalli2 (Citrine)
Mesh Outfit & Sandals: Bare Rose - Thalia
Staff: Yabusaka - Winged Staff (AntiqueGold)
Sheep: Alchemy - Project Limited - The Sheep - Black (Not Available)

Pose: Magnifique Poses - Barbarian Warrior Pose 2

Photo Location: Skye Neist Point

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lone Knight in the Forest

Armor: Silhouette Warfare - Milanese Armor - Female (Mesh)
Pose and Weapons: PhotoTonic - Sword Play #7 (Fantasy Gacha Carnival: Feb 1st - 28th)

Photo Location: Silent Hills