Monday, April 4, 2011

Project FUR Japan: Cat Tree and Beds

Cat Tree: Paris Rain - Island Punch Cat Tree (Project FUR Japan Only - 75L)
Cat Beds: Paris Rain - Coastal Bay Kitty Bed Brown & Paris' Coastal Bay Kitty Bed Wine
(Project FUR Japan Only - 75L)

*SHOP SEU* - 1prim anim cat -gray-
*M* - Basket cat redtabby, HUG redtabby cat & stay cat redtabby

Balls of Yarn: BP* (Winter Village Festival) ball of yarn blue, yellow & green
Paintings: Awesome Blossom - Keep Our Planet Green print & ::PopArt:: - paint
Lamp: [.nordari.] - lamp.creamflower
End Table: LISP Bazaar - Cottage Table
Sofa: Mustang Trading Post - Big Sofa -- cheesy blue plaid
Coffee Table: MudHoney - Jackson Table
Books:.SunnyM (CLOSED) - Little Book Pile
Rug: DragonLady's Closet - Native American Dreamcatcher Rug Green
Welcome Mat: Dragon Screw - entrance mat
Sneakers: *FakE* Fakers
Sandals: Surf Co. - Shoelace Sandals
Skybox: Awesome Blossom - Story of Home Skybox

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